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Searching and supplying sources of optimal commodities and goods for producers, processors and distributors
- our primary import territories are Asia and South America

  • Complete import and logistical service, ranging from finding suppliers of requested commodities and materials to importing at very reasonable prices,  due to our low operating costs and margins.
  • Guarantee of quality comparable to Czech and other European producers, higher profitability of your products and overall stronger and more competitive advantage.
  • No product line limits – we have experience in the fields of textiles and fabrics, metal wares, toys, plastics, PC components, electronics, leather goods, food products, etc.
  • Operational in many fields with a range of stable competent manufactures frequently certified according to ISO 9001, 9002 and other international standards.
  • Prompt offers based on exact specification of your inquiry.
  • Personal inspection by our contact office of the orders before being dispatched.
  • Your inquiries sent through this inquiry form will be answered promptly.
    There are no small inquiries a priori – we response to all of them. 


Commodity sourcing


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